Damper 342.00.000

341.00.000 and 342.00.000 hydraulic dampers are designed for use in central and axle-box spring suspensions of 81-740/ 741 series subway cars and their versions. Damper design embodies solutions that has well demonstrated their reliability over long runs on domestic long-haul locos and electric trains.

All dampers have been manufactured with a 70mm dia cylinder, import seals and advanced valve system since 2010. Such upgrades enhanced dampers' reliability and mileage between repairs.


Piston Stroke, mm min148
Resistive Force, kN
- Tension2.80
- Compression2.80
Piston Speed, m/s0.15
L min, mm442
L max, mm590
Total Weight, kg max9
Warranty Mileage, km400000
CompatibilitySubway Cars of Series 81-740, 81-741
and Their Versions.
Axle-Box Damper.