Axle-Box Link Bar for TEP70 Diesel Locomotive

Link bar transmits traction and braking forces from loco's bogie frame to axle-box and wheelset axle.

The bar is a pull-rod with two pivots that represent silent blocks (shock absorbers) housing a rubber bushing in-between a cylindrical barrel and an outer steel bushing. When deformed said rubber bushings ensure the turns of the axle-box link bar.

Silent shock absorbers designed for reacting a certain pressure force extend their service lives and behave steadily while deforming.

TEP70 Axle-Box SK MTR Codes

Name SK MTR Code
TEP 70 (TEP70А.31.19.010) Axle-Box Link Bar 3187145752
TEP 70 (TEP70А.31.19.010-01) Axle-Box Link Bar 3187145753